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    Romain Torres
    What is happening with the channel?
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    fuck it..let's blame Trump...everyone else is
    Juligan - MrUMP
    IT was a Youtube Glitch
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    For all the moms out there!
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    Gnat Vova
    doggy dan online dog trainer
    thanks, your are the best of the best guys
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    Smells like a #FAIL.  Featured in Friday's comp:
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    Gnat Vova
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    Glen Tamplen
    did the fail army channel
    Finn's Channel
    where did the thumbnail go?
    you should really do circus fails they would be funny
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    Gnat Vova
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    We all have to learn to #FAIL   sometime:
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    Gnat Vova
    hey can u do a karma roast like someone tries to put some shit but gets roasted hard
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    Sometimes the old ones are just as good the second time!
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    Gnat Vova
    Gnat Vova
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    DJ SuperCharge
    latest video removed why?
    Dovahkitty 0706
    DINKLEBERG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Arnaud Lehoux
    Hi FailArmy Merry Christmas! <3
    Fero Peniche
    i'll unsuscribe your channel. and stop seeing any of your videos in the future. stop claiming and stealing money from other youtubers.
    Danke euch gibt's noch
    Since 5 min ur Videos are locked in Germany... Fuq
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    60% wow. Could you go film the Muslim areas and upload it? I mean I would hate to ask you to risk your life but I had to ask.
    It´s a big mess... Ja Merkel muss weg die macht Deutschland noch kaputt! I dont like it to got 60% immigrants in my City...
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    Gate Phantom
    can i use your video to make funny remix video
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    Gate Phantom
    BoB Games
    +Gate Phantom did you get a response?
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    Laza Lukic
    how i can send you a video ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Dennis Playing Lacrosse?
    Justin Vickery
    Had an idea for your channel. Something "Classic & Clean". I love watching your videos but most of them I can't watch with my family (kids or parents) due to the vast amounts of cursing and profanity. Like once a month or something you could do a compilation of videos that are good fails, but don't have any swearing in them. Just an idea. Huge fan of the channel! Failarmy Salute!
    Max Parkour
    what happened to fail army? it says u have no videos
    All their videos have been removed because of copyright problems, they have been warned before, and they did it again.
    Samuel Arquit
    What is going on with the channel right now??
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